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What are the advantages of e-file?

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What are the advantages of e-file?


IRS e-file is more accurate (less than 1% error rate) than paper. There is also the added benefit of being able to instantly (in most cases) correct any error. The opportunity to file now and delay payment until April 18 for 2021 returns. Your federal and state returns may be filed together if you qualify. Your tax return is transmitted from our computers to the IRS.

Fast refunds.
Peace of mind.
Proof from the IRS within 48 hours that your return was accepted.  (You will receive an email from OLT providing the status of the return(s))

Only IRS e-file offers these advantages. Your return is filled out by completing a simple interview where you input your information. Our program compiles the information and figures the return for you.  All data entered to the OLT software is transmitted to the IRS/state when you select to submit for filing. 

Because you input the information yourself, your return is considered self-prepared. Our company is not liable for mistakes made on the part of the customer through errors inputting tax information.

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