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How do I amend my North Dakota state tax return?

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How do I amend my North Dakota state tax return?


By law, you must file an amended North Dakota return to report changes made to your federal return. This applies whether the changes are attributable to your filing of an amended federal return, or an audit or correction by the IRS. The amended North Dakota return must be filed within 90 days after filing the amended federal return or within 90 days after the final determination of the IRS changes.

How to prepare an amended return

1. Obtain a blank Form ND-1 for the tax year affected by the changes. (OLT software will create this document for you)

2. Enter your name, current address, social security number, and other information required at top of return.

3. Fill in the circle next to “Amended return: General” or “Amended return: Federal NOL,” whichever applies, in the top right-hand corner of the return. See “Amended return” on page 11 for more information.

4. Complete the return through the net tax liability line.

5. Leave the line for income tax withholding blank unless you are claiming an additional amount not previously claimed.

6. On the “Total payments” line, enter the net tax liability shown on your original return or previously filed amended return. If the net tax liability has not been fully paid at the time the amended return is filed, only enter the amount of tax that has been paid.

7. Complete the remaining portion of the return according to the instructions. On an amended return, you may not adjust the amount of any voluntary contribution, nor the amount of an overpayment applied to the next year’s estimated tax.

8. Attach a statement explaining why you are changing your return. If you are doing so because of changes you or the IRS made to your federal return, attach a copy of the amended federal return or IRS notice. If amending to claim a net operating loss carryback, attach Form 1045 or 1040X.


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