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Form K-37 - Kansas Disabled Access Credit

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Form K-37 - Kansas Disabled Access Credit


The disabled access credit under K.S.A. 79-32,175 et seq. is available to individual and business taxpayers that incur certain expenditures to make their property accessible to the disabled. The property must be an existing building, facility, or equipment located in Kansas and used in a trade or business or held for the production of income OR the property must be a personal dwelling located in Kansas. The credit is taken in the taxable year in which the modifications are completed.

To qualify for this credit, the specifications for making a building/ facility accessible and usable by the disabled must be in conformity with Title I and Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, 42 USCA 12101 et seq. and 28 CFR Part 36 and 29 CFR 1630 et seq. As used here, facility does not include new construction or any addition made to an existing facility, except a principal dwelling.

Principal dwelling: K.S.A. 79-32,176 provides that the principal dwelling credit include a taxpayer’s principal dwelling or the principal dwelling of a lineal ascendant or descendant, including the construction of a small barrier-free living unit attached to the principal dwelling.

Qualified Expenditures: Only the expenditures that will make an existing facility accessible to individuals with a disability by removing or facilitating an existing architectural barrier qualify for the credit. Expenditures to modify or adapt an existing facility or equipment in order to employ individuals with a disability are also eligible for the credit. Construction expenditures incurred for making a principal dwelling accessible to individuals with a disability are eligible for the credit. Any part of any expense paid or incurred in connection with the new construction or substantial renovation of a business facility or the normal replacement of depreciable property does NOT qualify for this credit.

K-37 Kansas Disabled Access Credit Rev. 7-21 (ksrevenue.gov)


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