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Why was my extension rejected?

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Why was my extension rejected?


The most common reason for an extension to be returned by the IRS is your name and SSN or your spouse's name and SSN  do not match the IRS records.  Please verify the information you entered.


The a rejection due to the entry on the self select PIN page for the prior year adjusted gross income amount OR prior year self select PIN

 How to correct this error: 

From our homepage, click on sign in. Enter the user name and password created when you started your return and the scrambled code at the bottom of the screen. Once logged in select to go to the correct tax year.  Review the rejection and proceed to make the correction.  (If after the filing due date, the extension rejection cannot be corrected and resentif greater than 5 days past the due date)

Next, select the Primary Information tab on the top of the page. The next few pages are the primary information as entered when you created your return.

The IRS uses the first four letters of your LAST  name (and your spouse's) to match to your social security number. If you have entered both your name and social security number exactly as it appears on your social security card you will need to contact the Social Security Administration as provide this information to the IRS. They can be reached at 1-800-772-1213. If the information is incorrect, make the necessary changes. When correcting on our site, you must remove the entire SSN number and then re-enter it correctly. Our site does not allow you to just change one or two numbers.


For the PIN rejection, go to the self select PIN page of the extension to make the correction to the entry.  Leave the prior year PIN blank if you do not know it.


Other issues can cause the extension to be rejected, such as the date of any payment having passed or the banking information provided.  If you have trouble discerning what the issue is, please come to customer service chat for further information and help.

Once you have made your correction you will then save and continue of the extension page to resend it.

*We strongly recommend checking the status of your extension in 24-48 hours using the Login to My Income Tax Return link to verify that your extension has been accepted.

PLEASE NOTEIn some cases, it may be quicker to print and mail the extension to the IRS.  The extension is not required if you will not owe any tax.  The extension of time to file is NOT an extension of time to pay, if you expect to owe, please send a payment with the extension.



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