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Orange arrow How are showings scheduled?

  For security we use CSS to schedule all showings. This is a call center most Realtors use and keeps you from having to field lots of calls 24/7. The service is also used for your security to confirm the showing agent is licensed in TN, also the service solicits feedback from the showing agent. Yo...
Orange arrow How do I change my listing?

  If you'd like to change something about your listing, please send an email to This will send the request to us for processing and the turn around is 24 hours or less. $379 and $499 Plans - Price changes are free but changes to the lisitng description or photos is $25.00...
Orange arrow What is the difference between $379 and $499 packages

  The $499.00 package allows more photos, is a longer listing term and a more enhanced listing on the MLS and external websites....
Orange arrow Where do I find real estate forms I may need?

  $379 and $499 Plans - When you receive and offer you may access many needed forms by logging into the website and srolling to the bottom of the main dashboard page. Full Service Plans - We will prepare all forms for you....
Orange arrow What else will you need after I close?

  Upon closing please send us a copy of the closing statement or "ALTA” for our files as required by TN Regulations and agreed to by you under #16 of your Listing Agreement. There is a charge to your credit card if this is not received. You may email or fax the document....
Orange arrow Can I sign up today and go live at a later date?

  Yes of course. Just don't send in your paperwork until you want to go live. As soon as we get the paperwork the 24 to 48 hour clock starts to go live....
Orange arrow How do I get my photos to you?

  $379 and $499 Plans - You upload the photos to our website. Full Service Plan - The photographer will come out and take the photos and virtual tour and email to us when complete....
Orange arrow Do you help me when I get an offer?

  $379 and $499 Plans - You handle negotiations your self but, if you need help you can upgrade to the full service package and we will handle for you. We provide all needed forms with offer when you get an offer. Full Service Plan - We handle offers for you....
Orange arrow When will my listing be live?

  $379 and $499 Plans - Within 48 hours of receiving all your paperwork and photos. Full Service Plan - The photographer will come out and take the photos and virtual tour and email to us when complete. Your listing will go live within 48 hours of getting the photos and all your paperwork....
Orange arrow How do we sign the listing paperwork?

  On the paperwork page click the document you wish to complete. When you initially open the document, it will ask for both signers legal names and email addresses. When you sign the first signature & submit, the system will then email the document to the 2nd signers email address. Once the 2nd ...
Orange arrow When will I get my sign and lockbox?

  Your sign and lockbox is shipped the same day as your order if before 3pm and arrives within 1 to 2 days...
Orange arrow What is a listing refresh?

  A refresh is when the listing comes off the mls completely and relisted to reset the days on market. *not applicable to all MLS...
Orange arrow how do I know you got all my forms?

  ​You will get copies of each form completed in your email as proof we received them as well. If you do not receive them, please fill them out again and make sure you click finished at the end. You will also get an email from our firm when they are all received and a note if any are missing....
Orange arrow How do I add a virtual tour to my listing?

  $379 Plan - Virtual tour links are not allowed. $499 plan - Yes you may add your own virtual tour to your lisitng but it can't have any personal contact info in it per MLS rules. You can purchase a photographer shot virtual tour at checkout or under seller and add on itmes. Full Service Listing...
Orange arrow How do I add an open house, extra lockbox, extra sign, home inspection, or photographer?

  If you need to buy an extra sign, lockbox, a home inspection, a professional photographer or contract negotiations assistance, please visit

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