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Orange arrow How much commission do I have to pay an agent?

  To have your home listed in the MLS you must offer compensation to a buyer agent. You can list for 2%, 2.5% or 3% with our firm, and you indicate the prcentage on your listing agreement. Whatever you put in the MLS is what will have to be paid to the buyer's agent. (if a buyer does not have an a...
Orange arrow How are showings scheduled?

  For security we use to schedule all showings. This is a call center most Realtors use and keeps you from having to field lots of calls 24/7. The service is also used for your security to confirm the showing agent is licensed in TN, also the service solicits feedback from the showi...
Orange arrow How does the full service package work?

  The Full Service package is having a licensed Realtor represent you but for much less than 3% and virtually. The package is billed at $99.00 monthly and is a total of $1,200.00. The package includes negotiating all offers and repair proposals and guiding you along the way. All paperwork is handl...
Orange arrow What is the difference between the listing packages

  The $379.00 and $499.00 packages are entry only DIY "do it yourself" packages. This means you handle all negotiations and provide photos. (You can upgrade to the full service package if you need assistance when you get an offer) The $99.00 monthly plan is billed at $99.00 monthly and a total of ...
Orange arrow How does the 99.00 platinum package work?

  The full service platinum package is just like having a local Realtor, but we are virtual. The package includes all pricing and negotiations handled by our licensed Realtor including all offer and repair paperwork. The package is a total of $1,200.00 billed at $99.00 monthly. (any remaining bala...
Orange arrow Will I still be a for sale by owner if I list with ResultsMLS?

  For $379 and $499 plans - We are your listing agent and the TN real estate commission has very strict rules we must follow. You are no longer a "for sale by owner" when you list with our company, BUT, you become a limited service listing and we are your listing agent in a limited capacity. For F...
Orange arrow How do I create and print a flyer?

  Our system automatically creates a flyer for you when you input your property details. To view or print your flyer log into the website and under "listings" click "Click Here to View and Print Your Flyer...
Orange arrow Do I get a personal property web page?

  Our system automatically creates a flyer and property web page for you when you input your property details. To view or print your flyer log into the website and under "listings" click "Click Here to View and Print Your Flyer" The url for the personal web page is the url at the top when viewing y...
Orange arrow How do I get started listing my property?

  The best way to get started is to sign up online. This will create an account with our site, and give you instant access to the listing paperwork that is required and allow you to upload your photos. The website walks you through the entire process and watch your email for instructions along the w...
Orange arrow What are your listing packages?

  All of our listing packages are located at You may review a side-by-side comparison of our listings packages on our homepage, and select "Click for full details" on each package to see the full terms each package has to offer....
Orange arrow What is ResultsMLS address?

  Our address is 242 West Main St. #315, Hendersonville, TN 37075....
Orange arrow Where do I return the lockbox?

  After closing please send the lockbox to 242 West Main St. #315, Hendersonville, TN 37075 to avoid the $25.00 non return fee....
Orange arrow What happens when I get an offer?

  Open houses are a great way to show off your listing! Open houses can be advertised on the MLS, Zillow, and most Realtor websites with ease. $379 and $488 Plans - The Realtor will email the contract direcly to you and copy our office. Log into the website and scroll down on the membe...
Orange arrow How do I choose a closing title company?

  ResultsMLS has discountsi in place for Middle TN sellers. These discounts are $200.00 of the settlement fees which can range from $500 to $700. NOTE: If you are paying title for the buyer, you can select where both sides close. You would indicate this on a counter offer and we can provide verbia...
Orange arrow How to I make a change to the contract?

  Our office needs a copy of all documents. $379 and $499 Plans - We provide forms to allow you to propose changes to a Purchase and Sale contract. These forms are at Full Service Plan - Our office will handle al lchanges for you....

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