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Orange arrow What is considered a good credit score?

  Credit scores are generated based off all the factors on a person's credit report. 700+ scores are usually good enough to buy a house or get a good interest rate on a loan. 625 is the average residential renter’s score 550 and under is often a critical indicator of non-payment. No cr...
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Orange arrow How do I read a credit report?

  READING A CREDIT REPORT CAN BE CONFUSING, SO LET'S START FROM THE TOP:1. The Heading is at the very top right of the report. It contains the CreditBureau's information. The Credit Agency, their address, their phone number, andthe date the report was inquired upon. PERSONAL INFORMATION2. The next s...
Orange arrow What are some good things to know when reviewing my applicants credit and background report results?

  Information is Power As we all know, information is power. Whether we are buying a house, investment or screening a new applicant;information helps us make the best choice possible. In fact, the difference between a good and bad decision is all aboutinformation! Below is a random list of useful fa...
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