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Orange arrow How do I read a credit report?

  READING A CREDIT REPORT CAN BE CONFUSING, SO LET'S START FROM THE TOP: 1. The Heading is at the very top right of the report. It contains the CreditBureau's information. The Credit Agency, their address, their phone number, andthe date the report was inquired upon. PERSONAL INFORMATION 2. The ne...
Orange arrow Will an applicant get a copy of their reports?

  All applicant's who complete the online application process will be given access to their credit and background reports by logging into their tenant portal at Applicant's must answer 4 identity authentication questions correctly to complete their credit order. Credit reports ...
Orange arrow How do I update information that was reported?

  In very rare instances, criminal records could be disclosed that were not correct from the county where the court record was reported. In any and all instances, we want our background investigations to be completely accurate. If the applicant believes that infomation that was reported was incorrect...
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Orange arrow Does Rent Perfect report liens and judgments?

  The credit bureaus no longer report liens and judgments on consumer credit reports; however, rest assured Rent Perfect will continue to report liens and judgments on our background reports giving landlords access to important records to help them make the best decision possible when approving a new...
Orange arrow How do I order a credit and criminal background report?

  Rent Perfect allows you to invite applicants to order their own credit and background reports and share the results with you through Rent Perfect's online portal. To send an application invite all you need is your applicant's email address and their mobile phone number if you would like to send a t...
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