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Orange arrow How much does the screening cost and what does it come with?

  The cost is $35 and you will select who will pay the fee at the time you send an invite email. Your applicants can pay with a credit or debit card at the time they complete their application, or you can choose to have your credit card on file charged. We encourage you to have your applicants pay th...
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Orange arrow Why should I have my applicant pay the fee?

  When an applicant is required to pay the application fee, it shows they are invested in your rental property and confident they meet your standards to qualify. This, in itself, is a preliminary type of screening. If a potential tenant cannot afford to pay the background fee, they likely cannot af...
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Orange arrow How do I make a rent payment online through my Rent Perfect account?

  Making a payment online to your landlord is easy! If your landlord has signed up for Online Rent Pay you can easily make a payment using your bank account or a debit/credit card. Tenants can follow these simple steps: 1. Sign into your Rent Perfect account by going to www.rentperfect.com and cl...
Orange arrow FAQ for online rent payments

  Rent Payments FAQ How do I get set up to receive rent payments online? First, add the property address to your Rent Perfect account. Next, click “My Rent Pay” or “Collect Rent” on the home screen to enroll the property address with the payment processing company. Enroll...

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