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Orange arrow Where can I view a record of the invites emails I have sent my applicants?

  You can view a list of all the invite emails you have sent to your applicants for the past 30 days and check the status of the invite. To do so go to the "Order Background Screening" tab and click the blue link that says "Invite History." Hold your mouse over the "i" icon in the top left corner t...
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Orange arrow What if my applicant did not receive the invite email?

  What if an applicant does not see the invite email I sent them in their email inbox? First, verify you sent the invite to the correct email address. You can check the invite details by clicking "Invite History" on the menu of your Rent Perfect account. If needed you can delete the invite and ...
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Orange arrow How do I order a credit and criminal background report?

  Instead of ordering a criminal and eviction report on someone, with Rent Perfect you will invite your applicants to order their own credit and background reports and share the results with you in your Rent Perfect account. To send an application invite all you need is your applicant's email address...
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Orange arrow Do my applicants need to know my rental criteria before applying for my property? How can I send my criteria to my applicants?

  You have the option to send a copy of your rental criteria settings sheet as an attachment with the application invite email that is sent to your rental applicants. Attaching your criteria to your online invite allows your applicant to see what criteria they must meet in order to qualify for your r...
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Orange arrow Can I text the application invite to my applicant?

  Are you ready for an easy way to ensure your applicants receive application invites? Get excited... because SMS/Text invites are here! Follow these steps to send a text invite: 1. Click "Send Invite" in your Rent Perfect account and enter an email address as usual. 2. Include a mobile phone numbe...
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