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Orange arrow Can my tenant set up automatic monthly payments to me through Rent Pay?

  Yes, tenants can set up automatic monthly payments. First, the landlord must set up a Rent Pay account. Once a Rent Pay account for the property address is approved tenants can set up and manage automatic payments through their Rent Perfect tenant account following these 3 easy steps: First, sig...
Orange arrow What questions are on the standard online application my applicants will fill out? Can I add additional questions?

  Standard Required Questions To manage your rental application click "My Application" on the home screen of your Rent Perfect account. The most common questions found on most rental applications are already included on the application, such as personal identifying information, income details, resid...
Orange arrow What is considered a good credit score?

  Credit scores are generated by considering all of the factors on a consumer's credit report including account balances, pay history, types of accounts, and more. 750+ Are considered excellent. A smaller percentage of the population has a credit score this high. 700+ Are considered good. Con...
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Orange arrow How do I read a credit report?

  READING A CREDIT REPORT CAN BE CONFUSING, SO LET'S START FROM THE TOP: 1. The Heading is at the very top right of the report. It contains the CreditBureau's information. The Credit Agency, their address, their phone number, andthe date the report was inquired upon. PERSONAL INFORMATION 2. The ne...
Orange arrow How do I prepare a lease agreement for a tenant?

  How to Prepare a Rent Perfect Lease Agreement To get started: 1. Add the property address to your account. 2. Invite the tenant to complete the online application. Now you are ready to prepare a lease: Step 1: Prepare a preview copy of the lease. Click "Prepare Lease" on ...
Orange arrow What if my applicant does not have a social security number? Can I get a credit and background check even though my applicant does not have a social security number?

  In order to use ISC Connect, a valid Social Security number is required. If someone does not have a Social Security number, they will not have a credit report. Similarly, they will also be unable to complete the identity authentication that is required to use the system, as the security questions a...
Orange arrow How much does the screening cost and what does it come with?

  The cost is $35 and you will select who will pay the fee at the time you send an invite email. Your applicants can pay with a credit or debit card at the time they complete their application, or you can choose to have your credit card on file charged. We encourage you to have your applicants pay th...
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Orange arrow Should I be worried about an inquiry showing up on my credit report after I order my credit report through your system?

  With the Rent Perfect system applicants complete an online application and order their own credit and background reports, agreeing to share those reports with the landlord or agent they are applying with. Since they are ordering their own credit report this is considered a soft credit pull and will...
Orange arrow Why should I choose Rent Perfect for my screening?

  With hundreds of look-alike tenant screening companies to choose from, picking the one that's right for you can be confusing. Fortunately, like the Sesame Street song says, one of these things is not like the other. Here's how Rent Perfect is different from the rest (and best for your business). ...
Orange arrow Why am I having trouble getting the login page on your website to load? Why am I having trouble opening the invite link to start my online application?

  In order to use our system your browser must meet required security settings to help keep our network systems and data safe. Please ensure that you have the most current and updated version of your browser and try again. The most current version of your browser should also have the most current sec...
Orange arrow Do you offer rental history verification and employment and income verification?

  Although ISC will report past evictions, including current evictions in process on your applicants, we do not currently offer rental history verification from previous landlords or employment verification. We highly recommend the landlord takes the time to do this on their part. Rental History Ver...
Orange arrow What should I put for my account name? Can I put my LLC for the contact name on my account?

  Here are some helpful hints to keep in mind when signing up for ISC Connect. Account Name This is the name that will be displayed to your applicant as the person or company who has sent them a request to complete the online application for their rental. Examples: John Doe, Doe Rentals, My Rent...
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Orange arrow How do I create login information for my sales agents? What settings can I control for the authorized sales agents I add into my account?

  To input additional logins to your online account, click on the “Property Information” tab. Click open details for “Authorized Sales agents” and click, “add agent.” You will be required to enter their name and e-mail address, create a username and password and ...
Orange arrow Can I view a sample copy of the final background report?

  Here at ISC we are more than just some instant "name, DOB" search...we have a team of Licensed Private Investigators! You'll get the same old instant criminal report you're used to getting (which are notorious for missing criminal and eviction records by the way), but we don't stop there! A privat...
Orange arrow What are the processing fees for online rent payments?

  Applying for a Rent Pay account is easy and free! There is a small processing fee for the tenant....

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