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Orange arrow How do I add direct deposit information for an employee within Evolution Payroll?

  Note: This article is for Remote users. Click here for instructions for non remote users. Since direct deposit is such a convenient way to pay employees, we try to make it easy to enroll employees. There is no waiting or prefunding requirement for new employee bank accounts. Changes can be ...
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Orange arrow What are the changes in rates and limits for 2016?

  Type 2016 Rate Wage Base Limit 2016 Max Paid (ER) Max Withheld (EE) OASDI (remains the same) EE/ER 6.2% $118,500 $7347.00 $7347.00 Medicare Wages over $200,000 EE/ER 1.45% EE Only Additional 0.9% No Limit No Limit ...
Orange arrow How do I set up an employee for the Employee Portal?

  Note: This article is for Remote users. For non remote users, contact your Customer eXperience Representative (CXR) for assistance. The Employee Portal grants access to the employee's pay stubs and other features. Currently there are 2 ways for employees to get set up for the Employee Portal...
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