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Orange arrow Colorado Watershed & Healthy Rivers Protection Fund

  This fund protects Colorado's lands and waterways. The state's streams, wetlands, mountains and forests serve many needs including water supply, agriculture, wildlife and recreation. Your generous support of this program will fund stream restoration projects and assist local groups in watershed pro...
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Orange arrow Colorado Homeless Prevention Fund

  Approximately 52,000 people in Colorado are at risk of becoming homeless this year. Keeping people in their homes saves tax dollars and is an effective and humane way of helping families in crisis. Your contribution will be used to support activities and programs which help prevent people from beco...
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Orange arrow Who Can Qualify for the Colorado Long-Term Care Insurance Credit?

  A Colorado resident who purchases or makes a payment for a long-term care insurance policy may be able to claim a Long-Term Care Insurance credit. To qualify for the credit, the individual or spouse listed on the income tax return must also be the policyholder of such insurance. [§39-22-122, C...
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Orange arrow Colorado Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Fund

  The Colorado Nongame wildlife includes 750 species of wildlife that cannot be hunted, fished for or trapped. Funds go to projects that manage or recover wildlife such as lynx, river otter, black-footed ferret, green back cutthroat, and others. The nongame program receives no state tax dollars and d...
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Orange arrow Colorado Domestic Abuse Program Fund

  Donations to this fund help support critical services provided by community-based domestic abuse programs across Colorado. These agencies provide 24 hour crisis line response, emergency safe shelter, counseling and advocacy services for victims of domestic violence and their children and informatio...
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Orange arrow What Are the Western Colorado State Veterans Cemetery Funds Used for?

  Funds assist in the maintenance of the Veterans Memorial cemetery of Western Colorado. The veterans cemetery is intended as a dignified final resting place for Colorado's veterans and eligible dependents. It is a place of quiet contemplation for the veteran's community. Please help maintain this so...
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Orange arrow Can I Exclude my Colorado PERA or School District No. 1 Retirement Income?

  The Colorado individual income tax return Form 104 enables recipients of certain pension benefits to exclude from their Colorado taxable income portions of their benefits for which they previously paid Colorado income tax. [C.R.S. 39-22-104(4)(c)]. If you receive pension benefits, you might be able...
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Orange arrow What is the Colorado Qualified State Tuition Program Subtraction?

  A taxpayer can deduct on their Colorado income tax return the payments or contributions made to certain "qualified state tuition programs." [§39-22-104 (4) (i), C.R.S.]. They cannot take this deduction if the payments or contributions were not included in their federal taxable income. What is...
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Orange arrow What is the Colorado School-to-Career Investment Credit?

  Colorado taxpayers are allowed to claim a credit of 10% of their current year investment in a qualified school-to-career program. "Qualified investment" means money directly expended for wages, workers' compensation insurance, unemployment insurance, and training expenses to employ a student to wo...
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Orange arrow Colorado Prior Year Alternative Minimum Tax Credit

  Taxpayers may claim a credit of 12% of the federal prior year minimum tax credit actually claimed on the current year federal income tax return (total of lines 25 and 27, 2012 federal Form 8801). The credit is limited to the net tax liability due (Colorado normal tax plus AMT). Any excess credit ca...
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Orange arrow How Do I Claim the Colorado Low-Income Housing Credit?

  For tax years beginning on or after January 1, 2001 an income tax credit is available for owners of qualified low-income housing developments that receive a credit allocation from CHFA before December 31, 2002. The credit is allocated by the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA), which can...
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Orange arrow Do I Qualify for the Colorado Plastic Recycling Investment Tax Credit?

  The plastic recycling investment tax credit is equal to 20% of the first $10,000 of net expenditures to third parties for rent, wages, supplies, consumable tools, equipment, test inventory and utilities made for new plastic recycling technology in Colorado. The credit is available to Colorado resid...
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Orange arrow What is the Colorado Historic Preservation Income Tax Credit?

  Colorado offers an income tax credit to Colorado resident individuals and C corporations for the preservation and rehabilitation of a qualified historic property. The structure must be at least 50 years old, and must be: a) designated individually or as a contributing property in the State Regist...
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Orange arrow Colorado Rural Technology Enterprise Zone Credit

  For income tax years ending on or after March 30, 2001 and beginning prior to January 1, 2005 any taxpayer that makes a qualified capital investment in technology infrastructure in Rural Technology Enterprise Zones may claim an income tax credit of 10 percent of the total investment made during the...
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Orange arrow Colorado Alternative Fuel Vehicle Income Tax Credit

  PLEASE NOTE The information contained in this FYI applies only to alternative fuel vehicle credits for tax years 2009 and prior and to alternative fuel refueling facility credits for tax years 2010 and prior. Please refer to FYI Income 67 for information regarding alternative fuel income tax cred...
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