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Orange arrow What is the purpose of the SOC Degree Network System (DNS)?

  The SOC Degree Network System consists of post-secondary institutions selected by the Military Services to deliver specific associate and bachelor’s degree programs to Service members. Colleges of the SOC Degree Network System agree to special requirements and obligations that provide militar...
Orange arrow How do I search for a course that will transfer back to my current SOC institution and degree? 

  Service members needing to take a course from an institution other than their home institution should search the SOC Course Category Codes to identify courses and institutions that provide guaranteed transferability to and from their home institution. The Course Category Code tables may be used t...
Orange arrow Which institutions are in the Degree Network System (DNS) 2 year network?

  Degree Network System Institutions 2-Year Institutions Austin Peay State UniversityBarstow CollegeBarton Community CollegeBismarck State CollegeCameron UniversityCentral Texas CollegeChaminade University of Honolulu - Adult Evening and Online ProgramCoastal Carolina Community CollegeCoastline Com...
Orange arrow How are SOC DNS degree programs delivered?

  The SOC Degree Network System (DNS) incorporates three program delivery methods: traditional classroom-based instruction and two other additional degree program delivery methods—distance learning and learning assessment....
Orange arrow How are new institutions and new degrees included in the SOC DNS?

  Time-to-time Department of Defense (DOD) DANTES issues call for programs to all DOD-MOU signatory institutions. These call for programs identifies degree networks and programs for which DOD is accepting new applications. An institution that is already a DOD-MOU signatory may apply for inclusion i...
Orange arrow Does my institution have to sign the Department of Defense (DoD) Voluntary Education Partnership Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to participate in SOC?

  Yes, DOD-MOU is a pre-requisite to participate in SOC- DNS. The memorandum and the list of educational institutions that have already signed the MOU can be found here.
Orange arrow I am the Primary POC (PPOC) for the SOC DNS at my institution. What are my responsibilities?

  The SOC DNS Primary POC is responsible For: • Understanding the Student Agreement process and coordinating the creation and submission of Student Agreements for military students; • Providing advisement/academic counseling to the student or referring them to an advisor; • Keeping ...
Orange arrow What is guaranteed transferability?

  Guaranteed Transferability (GT) of major and major related courses is a SOC-DNS student benefit. The Guaranteed Transfer Networks are designed to maximize the guaranteed transferability of as many major and major-related courses within a degree network. Guaranteed transferability enables students ...
Orange arrow How do I transfer credits from one DNS school to another?

  SOC Degree Network System is built around transfer of future courses back to the home college, not forward-transfer of prior coursework to the student’s home college. The student agreement must identify the guaranteed-transfer credit for specific courses from the Degree Network System Core in...
Orange arrow What is the process for submitting Student Agreements if we participate in the GoArmyEd portal?

  If you are a SOC Degree Network System (DNS) Institution and you participate with the GoArmyEd portal, the following will apply to your institution for submitting Student Agreements. 1) If a Soldier is in a Fully Developed Degree Plan (FDDP) at your school, your process for submitting Student A...
Orange arrow Can Family Members work on a degree through SOC and the Degree Network System?

  Adult family members who attend a SOC Degree Network System member institution are entitled to many of the same policies and benefits as the Service member. These include a SOC DNS Student Agreement, the use of two-way guaranteed transfer, reduced academic residency, etc. A Student Agreement is no...
Orange arrow Am I able to finish my Degree after leaving the Service?

  All Degree Network System (DNS) member institutions must honor Student Agreements to allow Service members and their adult family members to complete their degrees after leaving the military. Student Agreements remain valid as long as the student does not exceed the school’s degree completio...
Orange arrow Is there a residency requirement within DNS schools?

  A SOC DNS institution limits academic residency requirements for active-duty Service members to no more than 25 percent of the undergraduate degree program. If a SOC institution offers one hundred percent of an undergraduate degree online, that institution may require active-duty Service members t...
Orange arrow What is the SOC Military Student Bill of Rights?

  SOC Military Student Bill of Rights: All military students have basic rights to satisfactory college marketing, admissions, and student services practices including the right to: 1. Accurate information about a school's programs, requirements, accreditation, and its potential impact on course tran...
Orange arrow Where can I find the SOC Credit Evaluation Supplement?

  SOC has provided the Credit Evaluation Supplement for our Institutions. Click here to access the SOC Credit Evaluation Supplement --> soc-degree-network-system-credit-evaluation-supplement-2015-2016 (1).pdf...

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