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Orange arrow Where is my Login information?

  Username/ID & Password information is printed inside the front cover of volume A-1 or Volume A in sets of most endorsed PanGlobal Textbooks....
Orange arrow Self-Assessments/Tests (Learners Registered with a College)

  If you are working with a college, check with your instructors for the number of attempts allowed or timeframes in which you are able to access certain tests. Some quizzes and exams may only be taken one time during a specified period....
Orange arrow Why do I only have 3 attempts to my Self Assessments?

  These are provided only to assess your current undertanding of concepts. PanGlobal limits the attempts to support applying the concepts instead of just memorizing the questions....
Orange arrow Self-Assessments/Tests (Independent Textbook Users)

  You do not have to complete a test in a single sitting. The "Test Introduction" page will indicate how many times your test is accessible. If you need to stop before you have completed the test, you must save and close out of the test. Once you have selected your test, you must accept the “...
Orange arrow Having Problems Logging In?

  If you have an issue with logging into your online course, please consider the following: Check that the correct username and password has been entered Username and password are case sensitive Clear your website cache Your access period may have expired Individual users who have purchased ...
Orange arrow Viewing Your Courses

  All of the courses that you are currently registered for can be found on the left hand side of the page under "My Courses". You can access the course by clicking the course name on the list....
Orange arrow Is there Online Resources for all materials?

  Online content is available for the following National Products in Canada (SOPEEC) and USA (NIULPE): 5th Class, 4th Class, 3rd Class & 2nd Class Textbooks plus Advanced, Essentials and High Pressure Textbooks. There are currently no online resources for 1st Class....
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Orange arrow Why can't I see the correct answers on my Self Assessments?

  Correct answers are only provided/displayed for a limited time - up to one business day maximum....
Orange arrow What else is available online?

  There is a variety of additional Tools and Resources including, but not limited to, Media, Glossary, Updates and Workbook Answer Guides....
Orange arrow Why can't I login?

  Check the following: Wrong location or URL. CAPS LOCK is on. Font read Issue - upper case I is identical to a lower case l. Registered to an Educator/College ULS that manages login access....
Orange arrow How do I access my Online Content?

  Login to MyPower Learning site. Your available Online Content is located under "My Courses" on the left hand side of the screen....
Orange arrow Where are my Self Assessments?

  Self Assessments are located in Online Content....
Orange arrow Where do I login?

  Go to: and click the MYPOWER Tab listed at the top of the Home Page....
Orange arrow Why are my Self Assessments no longer available?

  Self Assessments are available by subscription only for the following amount of time: 5th Class = 12 months from first login date. 4th & 3rd Class (plus Essentials & Advanced) = 16 months from first login date. 2nd Class = 24 months from first login date....
Orange arrow Why did I receive a zero on my Self Assessment?

  Remember that you must click "Submit all and finish" to complete all self assessments. If the timer runs out OR if you select "Save without submitting" the self assessment is not submitted for grading....

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