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Orange arrow How is the 2nd class bundling discount applied?

  When more than one part (A1, A2, A3, B1, B2 or B3) of the second class is purchased, a bundling discount will be automatically applied in the shopping cart. A discount of 5% will be applied when two or three different parts are purchased, and a discount of 10% will be applied if four or more differ...
Orange arrow Where do I find the Returns Policy for materials purchased though your company?

  Return Policy...
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Orange arrow Will I receive an invoice with my books?

  There are no invoices or receipts included with your shipment of books. Orders placed online will receive a PayPal confirmation via email showing the corresponding confirmed Order Number. Orders placed with a PO will receive an invoice for payment within 1 month of shipping. Copies of Invoices or o...
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Orange arrow Can the books be purchased individually or are they only available in sets?

  Our paper based learning materials can be purchased in full sets only, via Purchase Order or directly from our online bookstore . A variety of e-Book configurations are available to order including single volumes, units and chapters. Please check the e-Book section of our online bookstore. Partial ...
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Orange arrow Do the prices on your website include shipping and taxes?

  Canadian prices do not have GST included, however they do include the cost of Standard Ground Shipping. USA shipping destinations (except Alaska and Hawaii) will be charged 5% of the total order to cover Ground Shipping & Custom charges. All other shipping destinations (including Alaska & H...
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Orange arrow How can orders be placed?

  Orders can be placed online using the Add to Cart button on the homepage @ www.powerengineering.or and using the shopping cart. If you prefer not to use the shopping cart, please complete and submit the Order Form or email the Order Administrator at Fax orders will a...
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Orange arrow Can I purchase PanGlobal Training Materials in my area?

  Many educator (i.e. college) bookstores stock the Power Engineering materials, however be aware that you may be required to register in their program to purchase books from them. Our products are available for purchase on our website @ by selecting the Add to Cart button ...
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Orange arrow When can I expect my shipment?

  Orders are generally shipped within 2 – 4 business days. Canada Post Ground delivers within 5 – 12 business days in Canada. International or Courier deliveries fluctuate dependant on the individual requests....
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Orange arrow What forms of payment are accepted?

  Visa, Mastercard, Certified or Authorized Corporate Cheques are all acceptable forms of payment. Credit Cards and PayPal transfers are accepted when using the online shopping cart....
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Orange arrow Will I receive confirmation that my order has been received?

  Orders placed online using PayPal should receive email confirmation of the transaction. Orders submitted by email, fax or phone will receive a confirmation upon request only....
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Orange arrow International Orders

  PanGlobal Training Systems will ship to most countries. Some International clients may be asked to complete a bank approval before order processing. For more details or to place an international order please contact us on our toll free number (1-866-256-8193) or by email at orders@powerengineering....
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