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Orange arrow Self-Assessments/Tests (Learners Registered with a College)

  If you are working with a college, check with your instructors for the number of attempts allowed or timeframes in which you are able to access certain tests. Some quizzes and exams may only be taken one time during a specified period....
Orange arrow Having Problems Logging In?

  If you have an issue with logging into your online course, please consider the following: Check that the correct username and password has been entered Username and password are case sensitive Clear your website cache Your access period may have expired Individual users who have purchased ...
Orange arrow Viewing Your Courses

  All of the courses that you are currently registered for can be found on the left hand side of the page under "My Courses". You can access the course by clicking the course name on the list....
Orange arrow Managing Your Profile

  Once you have an account, we recommend that you update your profile regularly. Your profile contains information about you that other users can see by clicking on your name. Profile information includes the description of yourself (if you have entered one) your name, location, email address (if you...
Orange arrow Editing a Profile

  1. Click on your “Name” in the bottm middle of the front page of MyPower. 2. Your profile will appear with several different tabs for action items and reports 3. Click on the “Edit profile” tab to change the contents of your profile. 4. To see the list of all fields...
Orange arrow If I have a question about the course who do I contact?

  PanGlobal does not provide courses. We only provide learning materials online. If you are enrolled with a college that maintains an online license with PanGlobal and have questions pertaining to the course, you should contact your instructor/training provider. If you are having trouble accessing th...
Orange arrow How do I update my Account Information?

  Login and select your Username at the bottom of the page. Click "Edit Profile" tab, update information, and then save changes by clicking "Update Profile" button....
Orange arrow What is a ULS?

  "Unique Learning Site" is the term used for an individual site that supports a set of learning materials, and is accessible only by Educators or Organizations who have a current Online Agreement with PanGlobal Training Systems. In addition to administration privelages, the ULS includes additional...

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