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Orange arrow I have purchased your product. Who is my instructor?

  Education & Training Information - Canada Education & Training Information - United States...
Orange arrow Where are the answers for the “end of chapter” questions found?

  Most are found either on the page immediately following the questions (5th and 4th Class) or in an Appendix at the back of the book (2nd Class and 1st Class). In the case of the PE 3rd Class 2.0, answers are available on our website to registered users. After logging in to MyPower-net, you can fin...
Orange arrow Where can I find the answers to the questions in the PE 4th Class and/or PE 3rd Class Workbooks?

  Workbook answers are available to registered users of PanGlobal materials and website, who have a login username and password. After logging in to MyPower, you can find the workbook solutions by clicking on the link “Solutions”, which takes you to the “Answers/Solutions” pag...
Orange arrow Where do I find Updates and Corrections PDFs?

  Updates and Correction PDF's are available to registered users of PanGlobal materials and website, who have a login username and password. After logging in to MyPower-net, click on the link “Content Updates & Corrections”, which takes you to the “Content Updates” page. O...
Orange arrow How do I find my username and password?

  Your username and password are located on the inside front cover of your textbook, the first volume in any multiple book set....
Orange arrow Prior to using Moodle, what experience should users have?

  Basic computer knowledge Basic keyboarding skills Proficiency with web browser software Familiarity with navigating the World Wide Web...
Orange arrow If I have a question about the course who do I contact?

  PanGlobal does not provide courses. We only provide learning materials online. If you are enrolled with a college that maintains an online license with PanGlobal and have questions pertaining to the course, you should contact your instructor/training provider. If you are having trouble accessing th...
Orange arrow What if I plan to use more than one computer to access my course?

  You may access your course on more than one device, however, you should only be logged into one device when accessing the MyPower site. Each computer you are planning to use needs to meet the minimumComputer Requirements....
Orange arrow Firewall Issues?

  Firewall Issues If you are unable to access the video due to your location's firewall settings, you may want to try using Silverlight or using the HTTP bypass option on the bottom of the video player page. Signs a firewall may be blocking the streaming content include: The Media Player control ...
Orange arrow ActiveX Control Issues?

  Some browser versions will request permission before allowing the embedded Windows Media Player control from appearing on the page. For example, Internet Explorer will display a yellow bar at the top of the content area informing you that the ActiveX control has been blocked. You must click on the ...
Orange arrow Audio or Video Does Not Appear?

  Cases where you have audio but no video or video but no audio are typically caused by missing or incorrectly installed CODECs. A "Coder-Decoder," a CODEC tells the media player how to convert the audio/video stream so that it can be heard and watched. As the video uses one CODEC and the audio uses ...
Orange arrow Real Player

  Our media is best viewed with Real Player Real Player download...
Orange arrow Java Download

  JavaScript is required for this resource and will need to be enabled within your web browser. Java Download...
Orange arrow Can I be notified of new Correction PDFs?

  We are currently working on a system to notify customers when the Corrections & Updates section is updated. Until this is available, please continue to check our site often to ensure that you have the most current Correction PDF....
Orange arrow What is the process once an error is reported?

  When a suggested correction is received, PanGlobal internally validates the correction. If valid, the correction is made in our print files and then posted under Corrections & Updates on our website. In the case of a simple spelling or punctuation error, a Corrections PDF may not be posted, bu...

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