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Orange arrow Arkansas Exempt Income

  Military Retirement Exemption (Act 141 of 2017): Beginning with tax year 2018, retirement benefits received by a member of the uniformed services as defined in this Act are exempted from the income tax. Military PayIf you have U.S. Military Compensation Pay, enter gross income in the space provide...
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Orange arrow Arkansas Intergenerational Trust

  Intergenerational Trust You may take an adjustment from income for contributions made to a long-term intergenerational trust. This is a trust established for an individual under the age of 18 in order to provide funds for the minor's retirement. The trustee must be a resident of Arkansas and cannot...
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Orange arrow Do I have to file an Arkansas return?

  Whether or not you have to file a tax return depends on your filing status, age, and gross income. The situations you are about to see are requirements for filing for individuals who are full year residents of Arkansas. You will see the filing status, age, and amount of gross income that would requ...
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Orange arrow Arkansas Filing Status

  Filing Status 1 (Single)Check this box if you are SINGLE or UNMARRIED and DO NOT qualify as HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD. (Read the instructions for BOX 3 to determine if you qualify for HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD.) Filing Status 2 (Married Filing Joint)Check this box if you were MARRIED and are filing jointly. IF YO...
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Orange arrow What are the qualifications to claim a dependent for Arkansas?

  DEPENDENTS You may claim as a dependent any person who received over half of his or her support from you, earned less than $4,150 in gross income, and was your: Child Stepchild Mother Father Grandparent Brother Sister ...
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Orange arrow How do I check on the status of my Arkansas refund?

  You can check online at "Where's My Refund?" for Arkansas....
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Orange arrow How do I file an amended return for Arkansas?

  If filing an amended return, check the box at the top right corner of Form AR1000F/ AR1000NR/AR1000S. Complete the return, replacing the incorrect entries from your original return with the amended entries. Attach an explanation and supporting documentation for items changed. (Do not file an a...
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Orange arrow My Arkansas refund was less than it should have been. What happened?

  If you, your spouse, or former spouse owes a debt to one of the agencies below, all or part of your refund is subject to being withheld to satisfy the debt. You will receive a letter by mail advising which agency has claimed your refund. Any housing authority Arkansas circuit, county, district,...
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Orange arrow Arkansas Other Income

  Other Income Enter all taxable income for which no other place is provided on the return. You may be required to send in a statement explaining the source and amount of the income. Examples of income to be reported on this line are: prizes, awards, T.V. and radio contest winnings (cash or merchand...
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Orange arrow Arkansas Estimated Tax Payments

  If you made an Estimated Declaration and paid estimated tax payments on income OTHER THAN wages, salaries, tips, etc., write the amounts paid in this space. The only amounts to enter here are payments you made on last years Declaration of Estimated Income Tax (includes January 15, installment and/...
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Orange arrow Arkansas Developmentally Disabled Individual

  Developmentally Disabled Individual To claim a credit for a developmentally disabled individual you must file a certified AR1000RC5 every five years. This certificate must be completed in its entirety to receive the $500 Developmentally Disabled Individual Credit. It must be attached to your Indiv...
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Orange arrow Can I e-file my Arkansas return as a state only return (by itself)?

  Unfortunately, you cannot. To participate in joint electronic filing with Arkansas, you must e-file your federal and state returns at the same time....
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Orange arrow How do I file an Arkansas state extension?

  An automatic extension of time for filing your Federal Income Tax Return may be used when you file your Arkansas Return. If you have filed Federal Form 4868, it is no longer necessary to attach that form to the return. When the return is complete and ready to file, simply check the box on the face ...
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Orange arrow Arkansas Contributions

  Contributions- Deduct any check-off contributions made on your prior year Arkansas return to any of the following: 1. Arkansas Disaster Relief Program: 2. Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation: 3. Arkansas School for the Blind: ...
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Orange arrow What income is exempt from Arkansas tax?

  1. Money you received from a life insurance policy because of the death of the person who was insured is exempt from tax.NOTE: You must include as taxable income any interest payments made to you from the insurer (the insurance company that issued the policy). 2. Money you received from life ins...
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