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Orange arrow How can I contact the state of Utah about my taxes?

  Customer Service Hours: Monday - Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Email: General Phone Number 801-297-2200 or 800-662-4335Use these numbers for general inquiries. Salt Lake City Address & Phone Numbers210 North 1950 WestSalt Lake City, Utah 84134Phone: 801-297-2200 or Tol...
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Orange arrow How can I check the status of my Utah state refund?

  Checking Your Refund Status Online with Taxpayer Access Point – TAP Use the Where’s My Refund? tool. You will need: your taxpayer ID number, the amount of the refund, and the federal adjusted gross income (FAGI) you listed on Line 4 of your return. By Telephone Call 801-297-2...
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Orange arrow How do I go about getting an extension for my Utah state taxes?

  Extension of Time to File ***This is NOT an extension of time to pay your taxes – it is an extension of time to file your return.*** You automatically get an extension of up to six months to fi le your return. Utah does not have an extension form. However, penalties will be assessed if you h...
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Orange arrow My Utah state tax refund was taken by a collection agency that I owe money to. Is there anything I can do about it?

  If another state or federal agency or other entity claimed your refund to pay debt owed them, you must contact that agency or entity directly. Go to for more information....
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Orange arrow How do I amend my Utah state tax return?

  To amend a previously filed return, use the tax forms and instructions for the year you are amending. You can get prior year forms and instructions at Amend your return if:- You discover an error on your Utah or federal return after it is filed; or- Your federal return is audite...
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Orange arrow Utah Renewable Energy Systems Tax Credit

  (21) Renewable Residential Energy Systems Credit (UC §59-10-1014) This credit is for reasonable costs, including installation, of a residential energy system that supplies energy to a Utah residential unit. Additional residential energy systems or parts may be claimed in following years as lon...
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Orange arrow Utah Qualified Sheltered Workshop Cash Contribution Credit

  (02) Qualified Sheltered Workshop Cash Contribution Credit (UC §59-10-1004) Charitable contributions claimed on the federal Schedule A cannot be claimed as a credit here. Cash contributions made during the taxable year to a qualified Utah nonprofi t rehabilitation sheltered workshop facility for...
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Orange arrow Utah Health Care Insurance Premiums

  (23) Health Benefit Plan Credit (UC §59-10-1023) **Amounts itemized or otherwise deducted in determining federal taxable income, or used to claim a federal credit, cannot be used for this Utah credit. You may claim a credit of 5 percent of the amount paid for a health benefit plan only if you,...
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Orange arrow Utah Contributions

  Voluntary Contributions You may contribute to any of the following approved causes. Contributions will add to your tax due or reduce your refund. Once made, you cannot change a contribution on an amended return. Leave the entire Part 4 blank if you are not contributing to one or more of the acc...
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Orange arrow Utah my 529 (formerly UESP)

  Utah my529 (formerly UESP) (UC §59-10-1313) You may contribute all or part of your refund to your Utah my529 individual account(s) by entering the amount you want deposited. The deposit will be sent to my529 with your name, address and Social Security number as identifi cation. My529 will dep...
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Orange arrow Utah At-Home Parent Tax Credit

  At-Home Parent Credit (UC §59-10-1005) An at-home parent may claim a nonrefundable credit of $100 for each child 12 months old or younger on the last day of 2018. An at-home parent includes the: • biological mother or father, • stepmother or stepfather, • adoptive parent...
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Orange arrow Utah Historic Preservation Tax Credit

  (06) Historic Preservation Credit (UC §59-10-1006) The credit is for costs to restore any residential certified historic building. Complete form TC-40H, Historic Preservation Tax Credit, with the State Historic Preservation Offi ce certifi cation, verifying the credit is approved. Do not send f...
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Orange arrow Utah Clean Fuel Vehicle Credit

  (05) Carryforward of Clean Fuel Vehicle Credit (UC §59-10-1009) The clean fuel vehicle credit is no longer available. The five year carryforward remains for credit earned before 2017. If you have unused credit from a year prior to 2017, you may carry it forward for up to five years through t...
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Orange arrow Utah Native American Reservation Income Deduction

  (77) Native American Income (UC §59-10-114(2)(b) and (e)) A member of a Native American tribe in Utah who lives and works on the reservation where he/she is an enrolled member is exempt from Utah income tax on the reservation income. An enrolled member of the Ute tribe who works on the Uinta...
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Orange arrow Utah Use Tax

  Utah Use Tax Use tax is a tax on goods and taxable services purchased for use, storage or other consumption in Utah during the taxable year and applies only if sales tax was not paid at the time of purchase. If you purchased an item from an out-of-state seller (including Internet, catalog, radio ...
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