When is the best time to call the NCVEC?

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When is the best time to call the NCVEC?


Because of maximum staffing, we recommend calling between 1030-1530 EST.  Our highest call volume day is Mondays, with call volume and call wait times decreasing towards the end of the week.  We respectfully ask for your patience as we field thousands of calls from Sailors all over the world.

 Contact the Navy College Virtual Education Center (NCVEC) by one of the following:

  • Chat with a counselor (during business hours): http://supportsystem.livehelpnow.net/?cid=30432
  • Submit a Help Request Ticket: http://supportsystem.livehelpnow.net/?cid=30432
  • Send a text message from your mobile device (during business hours): 877-838-1659
  • Call the NCVEC (during business hours): DSN 492-4684 or 877-838-1659

NCVEC hours are 0700-1900 eastern time.

We also recommend using the new Chatbot which resides on the NCP website at www.navycollege.navy.mil.  This self-service tool specifically addresses questions on TA funding.  It may be able to answer your question without having to make a phone call.  The icon for the Chatbot is on the bottom right of the NCP website.


OCONUS:  Contact your servicing Navy College Office (NCO): http://www.navycollege.navy.mil/contact.htm


NOTE: This article is in reference to FY19 TA funding shortage (NAVADMIN 114/19).

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