Why would I get a Security Clearance Card for myself?

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Why would I get a Security Clearance Card for myself?



Individuals obtain their own Security Clearance Cards for several reasons.


  1. To see what the courts are showing in their file(s) regarding criminal history.
  2. To fulfill a requirement of an employer, volunteer organization or security clearance requirement.
  3. To obtain a crime-free, security-clearance credential to use to confirm your identity and criminal history, or lack thereof. Using or sharing information on sites like Craigslist, eBay, Care.com, Match.com, and others often create concerns. A Security Clearance Card says you are who you say you are and that you are deemed Crime Free pursuant to the applicable criteria, either CrimShield’s criteria, an employer’s criteria, or a security clearance criteria . Putting your individualized Security Clearance Card number and/or the CrimShield QR code on online sites like these allows others to verify who you are and that no criminal history has been found on you. That helps create peace of mind.


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