What records does a CrimShield background security clearance look for?

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What records does a CrimShield background security clearance look for?



A CrimShield Investigator will perform an investigation that is nationwide in scope.  If the investigative report is for employment purposes, the Fair Credit Reporting Act states CrimShield may provide an employer with conviction data for as far back as the conviction data is found, unless restricted by certain state specific laws and/or regulations. Non-conviction, adverse information over 7 years will not be reported or considered for a Security Clearance Card.


CrimShield allows employers to customize their investigative criteria based on how the employers analyze their risk factors for particular jobs, the nature of the criminal activity and the time that has elapsed since the occurrence of the criminal activity. Sometimes, the company you are applying with acts as an independent contractor or a sub-contractor and sends their employee to the facilities, jobs or customers of their clients. In that situation the employees of contractor or sub-contractor must meet the security clearance criteria of their clients before their employees may have access to their clients’ facilities, jobs or customers CrimShield will not report expunged/sealed cases. However, CrimShield does report cases that were dismissed if the case incorporated any type of diversion program before the dismissal took place; with some exceptions for specific States statutes /regulations regarding diversion programs. In addition to criminal records, a company may request driving records, drug test and reports, and employment or education verifications as part of their Security Clearance requirements. Contact the company you are applying with to better understand their company-specific requirements.


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