Rent Payment Instructions for Tenants

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How do I make a rent payment online through my Rent Perfect account?


Making a payment online to your landlord is easy! If your landlord has signed up for Online Rent Pay you can easily make a payment using your bank account or a debit/credit card. Tenants can follow these simple steps:


1. Sign into your Rent Perfect account by going to and clicking the login link for tenant at the top of the page. Remember, you created an account when you completed your online rental application. If you forgot your username or password use the forgot username and password links on the login page or call customer service if you need assistance. 877-922-2547 Business hours Monday-Friday 9am-5pm AZMST

click here to login to your tenant account. 




2. Next, click "Pay Rent" on the home screen. If you see a message that says the pay rent feature is not available to you, this means your landlord still needs to finish the rent pay set up for their own account.  You can express your interest in online rent payments to your landlord or contact Rent Perfect customer service and we will reach out to your landlord with information about online payments.



3. Next, select your desired payment option or click the option to lookup the processing fee for each payment type. ACH (echeck) will typically have the smallest processing fee (flat $4.95 fee.) 



4. Once you choose your payment type, complete all payment fields and enter the amount you want to pay. CLick submit, and you will confirm your payment information and fees on the following screen.



5. Last, verify all of your payment information is correct and click confirm at the bottom to accept the total amount including the service fee. 

 If you do not confirm your payment the status will show as "hold." You will have the option to confirm or cancel the payment. IMPORTANT:  UNTIL CONFIRMED YOUR PAYMENT HAS NOT BEEN SUBMITTED.


Payments can take up to 3 business days to clear, depending on your bank.   It is best to submit a payment 3 business days before the due date in order to pay on time.





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