Where is the invite email?

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What if my applicant did not receive the invite email?


What if an applicant does not see the invite email I sent them in their email inbox?


  • First, verify you sent the invite to the correct email address. You can check the invite details by clicking "Invite History" on the menu of your Rent Perfect account. If needed you can delete the invite and send a new one to the correct email address.
  • Make sure the applicant knows the email comes from "info@rentperfect.com" and the subject line of the email says, "Your Online Rental Application Invite." 
  • Ask the applicant to check their spam or junk folder in case the invite email was filtered there by mistake.
  • Resend the invite so the invite email shows up at the top of the applicant's email inbox


You can always refer your applicants to Rent Perfect customer service and we will assist them further if needed. 877-922-2547 or info@rentperfect.com

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