New Jersey State e-filing Requirements for Tax Practitioners

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New Jersey State e-filing Requirements for Tax Practitioners


Tax professionals, transmitters, and software developers that wish to participate must be registered with New Jersey. Starting in January, 1999, tax professionals that have a New Jersey address need not to file a registration form with the Division. We will utilize an IRS database to obtain the required information for practitioners within New Jersey. In addition, if you have registered with New Jersey in the past, you need not to reregister.

Practitioners that have not already registered with New Jersey and do not have a New Jersey address must file a registration form. You may download an E-File Registration Form, complete it, and send it to the address on the form or fax it to the number on the form. You may download a copy of the current electronic filing ERO Handbook, ELF-2, or write to the Division and request a copy.  The mailing address for requesting information is:

New Jersey Division of Revenue
E-File Unit
PO Box 191
Trenton, NJ 08646-0191

If any of the information relating to a company changes, it is the companies responsibility to notify the Division in writing of those changes. There is a separate page for software developers.

Preparers who prepared 200 or more NJ income tax resident returns are required to file electronically.

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