Colorado Alternative Fuel Vehicle Income Tax Credit

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Colorado Alternative Fuel Vehicle Income Tax Credit



The information contained in this FYI applies only to alternative fuel vehicle credits for tax years 2009 and prior and to alternative fuel refueling facility credits for tax years 2010 and prior. Please refer to FYI Income 67 for information regarding alternative fuel income tax credits available for tax years beginning on or after January 1, 2010.


Colorado income tax credits are available for the purchase of an alternative fuel vehicle, for a motor vehicle that is converted to use alternative fuel, or for the replacement of the power source with a power source that uses alternative fuel. To qualify, the vehicle must be titled and registered in Colorado. [§39-22-516, C.R.S.]

The credit is only available in the year during which the vehicle was purchased or converted. If the credit allowed exceeds the net tax liability for that year, any excess credit may be carried forward and claimed on future year returns for up to five years until the credit is fully utilized.

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