Massachusetts Taxable IRA/Keogh and Roth IRA Distributions

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Massachusetts Taxable IRA/Keogh and Roth IRA Distributions


Answer the questions below in order for OnLine Taxes to calculate the taxable portion of any amount you received as an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), Keogh or Roth IRA distribution. Since Massachusetts does not allow a deduction for amounts originally contributed to an IRA or Keogh, the distributions are not taxable until the full amount of your contributions which were previously subject to Massachusetts taxes are recovered.

Contributions made to Keogh accounts prior to 1975 were deductible when made. Therefore, no deduction may be taken from a Keogh distribution for amounts contributed before 1975.

Massachusetts generally adopts the federal conversion rules for partial or complete rollovers from existing IRAs to Roth IRAs. Generally, the rollover amount is treated as a distribution and included in federal gross income to the extent it is attributable to investment growth or previously deducted contributions. See TIR 98-8, Massachusetts 1998 Reducing Income Taxes Act, for further details.

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