Missouri Additions

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Missouri Additions


Line 1 — Interest on State and Local Obligations
If you received income from an obligation of a state or political subdivision other than Missouri, enter the amount of that income, reduced by the related expenses incurred (management fees, trustee fees, interest, etc.) if the expenses are more than $500.

Line 2 — Partnership, Fiduciary, S Corporation, Other
Enter positive adjustments (additions) reported from partnerships, fiduciaries, S corporations, or other sources. The partnership, fiduciary, or S corporation must notify you of the amount of any such adjustment (addition) to which you are entitled. Check the boxes applicable on Line 2 and attach a copy of the notification received. Net Operating Loss - Carryback/Carryforward: In the year of your net operating loss (NOL), enter on Form MO-A, Part 1, Line 2 the amount of your eligible NOL to be carried back or carried forward from the loss year. Enter the sum of the current year’s NOL (as a positive number), plus
any unused NOL from prior years. If your NOL carries forward from the carryback year, enter the unused portion of your NOL as computed on Federal Form 1045, Schedule B, Line 10. Please attach Federal Form 1045, Schedules A and B, or the calculation of your NOL carryback/carryforward. Amended returns only: If your federal adjusted gross income includes an NOL (other than a farming loss) of more than two years, enter the loss amount as a positive number. Non-medical Withdrawal from Individual Medical Account (IMA): Any monies you withdraw from your Individual Medical Account (IMA) for non-medical purposes are taxable to Missouri. The interest earned on such monies is also taxable to Missouri. The amount subject to tax is reported on a statement provided by the administrator of the IMA. Non-qualified Withdrawal from Family Development Account: The amount of annual deposits previously subtracted must be added to your federal adjusted gross income if the withdrawal from the account was not for a qualified use.

Line 3 — Nonqualified Distribution fr om a Qualified 529 Plan
Any distribution made by the Missouri Savings for Tuition Program (MOST), the 529 plan administered by the Missouri Higher Education Deposit Program, or any other qualified 529 plan, not used for qualified higher education expenses, must be added to federal adjusted gross income of the taxpayer who made contributions to the plan. The amount of the distribution that must be added includes contributions previously exempt from state tax and earnings  enerated from the program (if the earnings are not already included in federal adjusted gross income). If the taxpayer who made the contribution
is deceased, the beneficiary of the savings program must add the nonqualified taxable distribution to federal adjusted gross income on the Missouri income tax return.

Line 4 — Food Pantry Contributions included on Schedule A
If you are claiming the Food Pantry Tax Credit, (Form MO-FPT) and you included your donations as an itemized deduction on your Federal Schedule A, enter the amount of your donations, as noted on Form MO-FPT.

Line 5 — Nonresident Property Tax
If you are a nonresident or part-year resident and you reported property taxes paid to another state or political subdivision on Line 9 of your Federal Schedule A, you must report that amount on Line 5 of Form MO-A, unless that state or political subdivision allows a subtraction to income for Missouri property taxes. For a list of states that allow a subtraction for Missouri property taxes, visit http://dor.mo.gov/faq/personal/nonresident.php.

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