Political Contributions Adjustments, Oklahoma Military & Disability deduction

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Political Contributions Adjustments, Oklahoma Military & Disability deduction


Helpful Reminder - The Schedule 511NR-C adjustments for Political Contributions and Interest Qualifying for Exclusion are no longer available. Both were repealed.

Military Pay Exclusion
Oklahoma residents who are members of any component of the Armed Services may exclude 100% of their active military pay, including Reserve &  ational Guard pay, received during the time they were a resident. The military pay must be included on Schedule 511NR-1, line 1 in the “Oklahoma Amount”  olumn to qualify for this exclusion. Retired military see instructions for Schedule 511NR-B,
line 4.

Qualifying Disability Deduction
If you are a resident or part-year resident individual with a physical disability constituting a substantial handicap to employment, you may deduct the expense incurred while you were a resident to modify a motor vehicle, home, or work place necessary to compensate for the disability. Enclose a schedule detailing the expenses incurred and a description of the physical disability with documentation regarding the Social Security or Veterans Administration recognition and/or allowance of this expense.

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