Massachusetts College Tuition Deduction

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Massachusetts College Tuition Deduction


A deduction is allowed for tuition payments paid by you, for yourself or a dependent, to a qualifying two or four-year college leading to an undergraduate or associates degree, diploma or certificate.

Tuition payments for students pursuing graduate degrees at such a college or university are not eligible for the college tuition deduction. The deduction is equal to the amount by which the tuition payments, less any scholarships, grants or financial aid received, exceed 25% of Massachusetts AGI. Qualified tuition expenses include only those expenses designated as tuition or mandatory fees required for the enrollment or attendance of the taxpayer or any dependent of the taxpayer at an eligible educational institution.

No deduction is allowed for any amount paid for room and board, books, supplies, equipment, personal living expenses, meals, lodging, travel or research, athletic fees, insurance expenses or other expenses unrelated to an individuals academic course of instruction. OnLine Taxes will complete the worksheet for you based on the information you enter. See TIR 97-13 for more information.

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