Non-Indiana Locality Earnings Deduction

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Non-Indiana Locality Earnings Deduction

You may be allowed a deduction if you have income being taxed by a locality (local governmental unit) located in another state. A "locality" could be a city, county, parish, etc.
Example. You earned wages in Louisville, KY. Your employer withheld a Louisville city (locality) tax. Since your wages were taxed by a non-Indiana locality (Louisville), you are eligible to take a deduction.
The deduction is limited. You may deduct the amount of your income that was taxed by a non-Indiana locality or $2,000, whichever is less. If you and your spouse both qualify, you may each claim the deduction for a maximum of $4,000 (limited to no more than $2,000 per person).
You must enclose proof that the tax was paid to a locality outside Indiana to be allowed this deduction. A W-2 form is proof as long as the W-2 form shows a withholding amount and the name of the non-Indiana locality where the tax was paid. The name of the locality is usually found in box 20, Locality Name, on the W-2 form. A copy of a non-Indiana locality tax return will also serve as proof of tax paid.

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