Michigan Payment Options

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Michigan Payment Options


You can file your return electronically any time during the filing season. Payment must be made by April 15th to avoid interest and penalty charges. You can pay your balance due to the Department of Treasury by check using the payment voucher. The State of Michigan does not accept credit cards for payment of taxes.


To pay by check, make your check payable to the Department of Revenue and mail it along with the departments payment voucher, MI-1040V, to the address indicated on the voucher. OnLine Taxes will produce a payment voucher for your convenience with your forms if you owe.


You will owe penalty and interest for late payment of tax. Penalty accrues monthly at 5% of the tax due, and increases by an additional 5% per month, or fraction thereof, after the second month, up to a maximum of 25% of the tax due (i.e. penalty on a $500 tax due will be $125 if the tax is unpaid for 6 months). Add penalty and interest to your tax. If the balance due is less than $1, no payment is required, but you must still file your return.

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