What are SOC DNS Student Agreements?

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What are SOC DNS Student Agreements?


Every SOC DNS member institution must issue a Student Agreement for degree programs listed in the Degree Network System to each degree-seeking student who has chosen that institution as his/her home college. The Student Agreement must be issued early in the student’s enrollment at the college, when the home college has received all of the student’s relevant transcripts, or when the student has completed six semester hours with the home college. The Student Agreement is an official evaluation of the student’s prior learning, including courses taken from other institutions, military training school courses, military occupational experience (MOS or Rating), and nationally recognized examination programs. The Student Agreement serves as a degree plan so that the student has a complete assessment of remaining degree requirements. It also serves as a contract-for-degree that protects the student from changes to their degree program that may occur because of deployment or other military-related interruptions to their studies.

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