How do I become a member of the SOC Degree Network System (DNS)?

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How do I become a member of the SOC Degree Network System (DNS)?


SOC is in the midst of modernization. In October 2017, the contract for SOC transferred from the American Association of State Colleges and Universities to IBM. Since this transition, SOC has shifted focus to a new value proposition centered around educational credentials vetted for quality and made available to Service members through curated Career Pathway Networks.  
The SOC team is currently working on a pilot program to develop its first Career Pathway Network for Cybersecurity. The pilot will continue through Fall 2018 as SOC gains feedback and continually refines while learning about the features of the network that are most valuable. As SOC develops and transition to its future network model, SOC is no longer accepting new institutions into the legacy Degree Network System.  
If you are interested in working with SOC, please continue to check periodically for new updates on the current and future Career Pathway Networks.








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