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What is an Instructor Edition?

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What is an Instructor Edition?


What Has Changed?

  1. The Instructor Edition Reset Form will replace the previous Instructor Edition Order Form.
  2. Instructor Edition Textbook Sets will now be available to order throughout the year, submission of Purchase Order approved by Educational Institution Dean/Chair is required.
  3. PanGlobal will use regular inventory to fill orders for printed IE materials, and the Online Instructor Resources will be activated once the requested information has been received.

Eligibility and Access

First-time orders will be for printed textbooks only, with an option to purchase an electronic extension for the subsequent year.

  • Educators without a print textbook from the previous year are not eligible for the electronic extension.
  • Each purchase of an Instructor Edition (printed or electronic extension) is valid for a one year term based on the purchase date anniversary.

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