New Jersey UI/HC/WD; DI Credit

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New Jersey UI/HC/WD; DI Credit


UI/WF/SWF, DI, and FLI Credits

If you had two or more employers and you contributed more than the maximum amount of unemployment insurance (UI)/ workforce development partnership fund (WF)/supplemental workforce fund (SWF) contributions, disability insurance (DI) contributions, and/or family leave insurance (FLI) contributions, you may be able to take credit for the excess withheld.

The maximum employee contributions were:

UI/WF/SWF – $146.20

DI – $58.48

FLI – $27.52

Complete Form NJ-2450 to calculate the excess contributions and report as follows: 

Enter on line:                     Amount from Form NJ-2450:

58                                           Line 4

59                                           Line 5

60                                           Line 6

You must enclose Form NJ-2450 with your return.

If you had only one employer, you must contact that employer for the refund of any amount that was overwithheld. Do not complete Form NJ-2450.

If you had multiple employers but one employer withheld more than the maximum, do not enter more than the maximum amount for that employer on Form NJ-2450. Any amounts over the maximum that were incorrectly withheld must be refunded by that particular employer.

If we deny your request, you must refile your claim through the Department of Labor and Workforce Development by completing Form UC-9A.




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