New Jersey Other Income

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New Jersey Other Income


Amounts Received as Prizes and Awards.

Any prize won in a raffle, drawing, TV show, radio show, contest, or any other event is taxable and must be reported on this line. Include any goods or services as income at fair market value.

Income in Respect of a Decedent.

If you had the right to receive income that the deceased person would have received had they lived and it was not included on the decedent’s final return, you must report it on your own return when you receive it. Enclose a listing of the income.

Income From Estates and Trusts.

If you are a beneficiary who received income from an estate or trust, include the Total Distribution from Schedule NJK-1, Form NJ-1041 on this line. If you did not receive an NJK-1, adjust the income listed on the federal K-1 to reflect New Jersey tax law, then net the adjusted amounts and include the total on line 26. Enclose Schedule NJK-1 (or federal Schedule K-1) with your return.

If you have income from a grantor trust that is taxable for New Jersey purposes, do not include it on this line. Report the income in the proper category (e.g., report taxable interest on line 16a). Enclose a copy of the New Jersey or federal Grantor Trust Attachment.

For more information on estates and trusts, including grantor trusts, see GIT-12, Estates and Trusts.

Scholarships and Fellowship Grants.

This type of income is taxable unless the scholarship or grant meets all of the following conditions:

1. The primary purpose of the grant is to further the recipient’s education or training; and

2. The grant does not represent payments for past, present, or future services that are subject to the direction or supervision of the grantor (e.g., a fellowship given in exchange for teaching); and

3. The grant is not for the benefit of the grantor.

Residential Rental Value or Allowance Paid by Employer.

If an employer provides you with a residence, enter either the rental value or the rental allowance paid by the employer.

The rental value or allowance is excludable and should not be reported if it meets all of the following conditions:

1. The lodging is provided on the business premises of your employer; and

2. The lodging is provided for the convenience of your employer; and

3. You are required to accept the lodging as a condition of employment


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