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Charitable Contributions

You can make a donation to one or more of the following charities. The amount you donate will reduce your refund or increase your balance due.

To make a donation, check the appropriate box(es) and enter the amount you want to contribute:

Endangered Wildlife Fund

Children’s Trust Fund

Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Fund

Breast Cancer Research Fund

U.S.S. New Jersey Educational Museum Fund

You can donate to up to three of the following funds on these lines. Enter the code number in the boxes provided.

•• Drug Abuse Education Fund (01)

•• Korean Veterans’ Memorial Fund (02)

•• Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness Education Fund (03)

•• NJ-AIDS Services Fund (04)

•• Literacy Volunteers of America – New Jersey Fund (05)

•• New Jersey Prostate Cancer Research Fund (06)

•• World Trade Center Scholarship Fund (07)

•• New Jersey Veterans Haven Support Fund (08)

•• Community Food Pantry Fund (09)

•• Cat and Dog Spay/Neuter Fund (10)

•• New Jersey Lung Cancer Research Fund (11)

•• Boys and Girls Clubs in New Jersey Fund (12)

•• NJ National Guard State Family Readiness Council Fund (13)

•• American Red Cross – NJ Fund (14)

•• Girl Scouts Councils in New Jersey Fund (15)

•• Homeless Veterans Grant Fund (16)

•• Leukemia & Lymphoma Society New Jersey Fund (17)

•• Northern New Jersey Veterans Memorial Cemetery Development Fund (18)

•• New Jersey Farm to School and School Garden Fund (19)

•• Local Library Support Fund (20)

•• ALS Association Support Fund (21)

•• Fund for the Support of New Jersey Nonprofit Veterans Organizations (22)

•• New Jersey Yellow Ribbon Fund (23)

• Autism Programs Fund (24)

•• Boy Scouts Councils in New Jersey Fund (25)

•• NJ Memorials to War Veterans Maintenance Fund (26)

•• Jersey Fresh Program Fund (27)

•• NJ World War II Veterans’ Memorial Fund (28)

More information on the charitable funds is available on our website at See “Charitable Funds” under “Individuals.”






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