What can I subtract under Wisconsin other subtractions?

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What can I subtract under Wisconsin other subtractions?

The following are Other subtractions:
  • Medical Care Insurance
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Tuition and Fee Expenses
  • Military and Uniformed Services Retirement Benefits
  • Local and State Retirement Benefits
  • Federal Retirement Benefits
  • Railroad Retirement Benefits, Railroad Unemployment Insurance, and Sickness Benefits
  • Adoption Expenses
  • Recoveries of Federal Itemized Deductions
  • Wisconsin Net Operating Loss Carryforward
  • Native Americans
  • Amounts Not Taxable by Wisconsin
  • Farm Loss Carryover
  • Contributions to an Edvest or Tomorrow’s Scholar College Savings Account
  • Distributions from Wisconsin State-Sponsored College Savings and Tuition Programs
  • Disability Income Exclusion
  • Sale of Business Assets or Assets Used in Farming to a Related Person
  • Repayment of Income Previously Taxed
  • Human Organ Donation
  • Reserve or National Guard Members
  • Expenses Paid to Related Entities
  • Private School Tuition
  • Legislator's Per Diem
  • ABLE Accounts
  • Interest, Rental Payments, Intangible Expenses, and Management Fees Reported as Income by a Related Entity
  • Retirement Income Exclusion
  • Sales of Certain Insurance Policies
  • Child and Dependent Care Expense
  • Combat Zone Related Death
  • Physician or Psychiatrist Grant
  • Difference in Federal and Wisconsin Basis of Depreciated or Amortized Assets
  • Olympic, Paralympic, and Special Olympic medals and United States Olympic Committee and Special Olympic Board of Directors prize money
  • Tax-Option (S) Corporation Adjustments
  • Your Share of Partnership, Limited Liability Company, Trust, or Estate Ad justments
  • Charitable Contributions
  • Differences in Federal and Wisconsin Basis of Asset
  • Differences in Federal and Wisconsin Basis of Partnership Interest
  • Differences in Federal and Wisconsin Reporting of Marital Property (Community) Income

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