California Direct Deposit of Refund

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California Direct Deposit of Refund


Direct Deposit of Refund
Direct deposit is fast, safe, and convenient. To have your refund directly deposited into your bank account, fill in the account information on Form 540/540A, line 116 and line 117. Fill in the routing and account numbers and indicate the account type. Verify routing and account numbers with your financial institution. Do not attach a voided check or deposit slip.

Individual taxpayers may request that his or her refund be electronically deposited into more than one checking or savings account. This allows more options for managing your refund. For example, you can request part of your refund go to your checking account to use now and the rest to your savings account to save for later.

The routing number must be nine digits. The first two digits must be 01 through 12 or 21 through 32. On the sample check, the routing number is 250250025. The account number can be up to 17 characters and can include numbers and letters. Include hyphens but omit spaces and special symbols.

Check the appropriate box for the type of account. Do not check more than one box for each line.

Enter the portion of your refund you want directly deposited into each account. Each deposit must be at least $1. The total of line 116 and line 117 must equal the total amount of your refund on line 115. If line 116 and line 117 do not equal line 115, the FTB will issue a paper check.

Caution: Check with your financial institution to make sure your deposit will be accepted and to get the correct routing and account numbers. The FTB is not responsible for a lost refund due to incorrect account information entered by you or your representative. Some financial institutions will not allow a joint refund to be deposited to an individual account. If the direct deposit is rejected, the FTB will issue a paper check.

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