Error IND-508 The IRS error says they already have a return onfile for my SSN.

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Error IND-508 The IRS error says they already have a return onfile for my SSN.


Primary SSN in the Return Header must not be equal to the Spouse SSN on another tax return for
which filing status is Married Filing Jointly or [filing status is Head of Household and the Spouse
exemption is claimed]

If your error indicates that the IRS already has an accepted return on file for your SSN. There are 4 common causes of this error: 1) you have incorrectly entered a SSN on your return or 2) you already filed a return with another company or paper filed, 3) someone has filed a return with your social listed as the spouse (could be by mistake), 4) You are trying to file an amended return which cannot be done electronically. You can use our service to prepare an amended return, however you would need to paper file Form 1040X. Please first verify the information you entered for this individual to ensure it was entered correctly.

How to correct this error: 

From our homepage, click on sign in to access your account.  Select the current return that is rejected.

Next, select the Personal and Family tab to correct this error. If you have entered your name and SSN correctly you will need to contact the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213 as they are the record keepers for the IRS. You will need to find out what data they have on file for you and will need to use this data in order to e-file. Please consider that if the year of birth is significantly incorrect you will need to paperfile as this could affect credits, etc.

Once you have made your correction you will then save and continue to the end of your return and resubmit.

*We strongly recommend checking the status of your return in 24-48 hours using the Login to My Income Tax Return link to verify that your return has been accepted.

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