What forms and credits can be e-filed for Arizona?

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What forms and credits can be e-filed for Arizona?


The following form and types of returns are excluded from Arizona E-File:

  1. Forms not listed under Section 3 of the instructions, "Returns Available for Electronic Filing";
  2. Any year other than the current tax year;
  3. Non-calendar year returns;
  4. State returns having a different "Federal Adjusted Gross Income" than provided on the federal return;
  5. State returns that include or are filed on behalf of a deceased taxpayer by someone other than the surviving spouse;
  6. Amended returns for all tax years;
  7. Estimated Payments;
  8. Fiduciary Returns;
  9. Credit Forms for:
  • Motion Picture Production costs;
  • Solar Energy Devices Commercial and Industrial Applications;
  • Taxes Paid to another state or country;
  • Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV).


 ***State returns CANNOT be e-filed alone without an accepted Federal return in your account***


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