Can I save my information and come back and complete it later?

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Can I save my information and come back and complete it later?


You can access your work on your return as many times as you would like. To create your account, you will need to supply a user name and password. Set up answers to security questions for the account.  (Please write down your username, password, and security questions to keep in a safe place.)  Each time you come back, you simply type in this information to access your return.

Please note that once you have submitted your return, you will not be able to make any changes unless it is returned by the IRS for corrections. We will notify you of the status of your return via e-mail or you can log in at any time to check.

If you have submitted your federal return but have not completed your state return, you must wait for the IRS to accept or return your federal return before you will be allowed to complete your state return. Once your federal return has accepted, you can log back in to your account to complete your state return. Information from your federal return will pull forward to your state return as needed as inputs.

In addition, if your return is sent back for corrections, we will be happy to help you determine where the error is so that you can successfully correct and resubmit. You may correct and resubmit as many times as you need to in order to get your return accepted, without additional fees.

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