How can I file an extension for my Rhode Island state taxes?

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How can I file an extension for my Rhode Island state taxes?


EXTENSION OF TIME Any extension of time granted for filing an individual income tax return shall not operate to extend the time for the payment of any tax due on such return.

In General -

(1) An individual who is required to file a Rhode Island income tax return shall be allowed an automatic six month extension of time to file such return.

(2) An application must be prepared in duplicate on form RI-4868.

(3) The original of the application must be filed on or before the date prescribed for the filing of the return of the individual with the Rhode Island Division of Taxation.

(4) Such application for extension must show the full amount properly estimated as tax for such taxpayer for such taxable year, and such application must be accompanied by the full remittance of the amount properly estimated as tax which is unpaid as of the date prescribed for the filing of the return.

NOTE: If no payment is required to be made with your Rhode Island extension form and you are filing a federal extension form for the same period of time, you do not need to submit the Rhode Island form. Attach a copy of Federal Form 4868 or the electronic acknowledgment you receive from the IRS to your Rhode Island individual income tax return at the time it is submitted.

Filing for an extension of time to file Form RI-1040 does not extend the time to file Form RI-1040H, Rhode Island Property Tax Relief Claim or Form RI6238, Rhode Island Residential Lead Paint Credit. Rhode Island income tax returns will be considered timely filed if post-marked by Monday, April 15, 2020. 



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