Hawaii Qualified Rental

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What is my Hawaii qualified rental?


List your most recent address. Do not list any location that was partly or wholly exempt from real property tax, such as:

  • County or State low-income housing projects.
  • Military housing.
  • Dormitories in schools.
  • Residential real property owned by a nonprofit organization.
  • Homes in which the owner occupies a portion of the property.

Rent Paid
Enter the total amount of rent you paid to all of the locations listed here. If you are sharing or were sharing the rent with somebody else, list only your share of the rent here.

Enter that portion of rent paid which:

  • Is for ground rent, utilities, goods, or services.
  • You claimed as a deduction anywhere on your tax return.
  • You were reimbursed, through a rental allowance or rental subsidy from any source.

For more information please review the N11 instructions for the current tax year. 

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