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Smart Tools Web-Based Software Startup Guide

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Welcome to the Smart Tools Startup Guide for our web-based software.


Whether you are new to Smart Tools or you have been using our software for quite some time, we think that you will find our online Help Center to be a very valuable resource.

We understand that everyone learns differently so we work to provide as many learning resources as possible:  Telephone Support Coaches, Live Chat, and online Help Center with How To training that includes software screen shots.

No matter which learning method works best for you it is important to have a foundation on which to build.  Here is the list of our training How To articles and a direct link to each article.  These articles are your foundation, they explain in detail how to process a refund using the Smart Tools web-based software.

How To #1: Login to and Online Help Center

How To #2: Watching the Training Video

How To #3: Update Your Business Contact Information-Account Profile Tab

How To #4 - The 5 Main Steps of Independent Refund Processing

How To #5 - Step 1A Obtain a List of Borrowers

How To #6 - Step 1B Manage Your List of Names Using the My Updated List tab

How To #7 - Step 1C Send Borrowers an Introductory Letter

How To #8 - Step 2A Mail Authorization Agreement With Cover Letter

How To #9 - Step 2B Send Tracer Found Case Form

How To #10 - HUD Sends The Claimant the HUD-27050-B Form

How To #11 - Step 3 Submit Documentation To HUD

How To #12 - Step 4 HUD Issues The Check To The Borrower

How To #13 - Step 5 You Get Paid

How To #14: Searching the Internet for a Borrower

How To #15: Calling a Borrower

How To #16: Mulitple Claimants Same Case Number

How To #17: Save Records to your My Updated List 

How To #18: Deceased Mortgagor

How To #19: Searching for a Specific Record

How To #20: The People Search Add-On


We are constantly working to improve our software to make your job as a processor easier.  Which means that we are also working on constantly updating our training.  Our Help Center not only contains How To Training, but basic software Trouble Shooting and answers to General Questions.

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