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Fail a NCPACE Course

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If I fail an NCPACE course, do I need to reimburse the government?


NCPACE Instructor Led (IL) - While there is no reimbursement required if you fail an NCPACE IL course, you will not be authorized to retake the failed course utilizing NCPACE or tuition assistance (TA) funds. For more information, go to the Sailor IL Withdrawals, Incompletes, Failures, and Waivers section.

NCPACE Distance Learning (DL) – With the release of NAVADMIN 243/17, Sailors who fail a course or receive one of the following collectable grades for an NCPACE DL course will be required to reimburse the government.

The following are considered "collectible grades" and require repayment:

  • undergraduate level (D) or lower grades
  • graduate level (C) or lower grades
  • non-passing (N) grades
  • incomplete (I) grades in effect longer than six months
  • voluntary withdrawal (W) grades without a waiver

For additional information, go to the Sailor DL Reimbursement and Waivers section.


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