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NCPACE Drop Add Period

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What is the Drop/Add period for an NCPACE course?


NCPACE Instructor Led (IL) - The drop/add period is from the date of enrollment through the completion of the third class meeting. This is the period in which Sailors may sign up for a class or drop without academic penalty (and no grade is reported on the college transcript). Contact the NCPACE Command Coordinator and the instructor to drop or add a course.


For additional information, go to the NCPACE IL Sailor Responsibilities section.


NCPACE Distance Learning (DL) – The drop/add period is set by each individual academic institution and will vary. Contact your academic institution for the specific dates. Be advised that although an institution may have and add period, NCPACE DL applications must be submitted and command approved between 120 and 14 days preceding the start of the course term.


For additional information, go to the NCPACE DL Sailor Responsibilities section and review the Navy's Tuition Assistance/NCPACE DL Command Approval Timeline article located on the Navy College Program home page.

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