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What does it cost to participate in Navy College Program for Afloat College Education (NCPACE)?


NCPACE Distance Learning (DL) – The Navy will fund up to 100% (within fiscal year caps and limits) of tuition charged by educational institutions for course enrollments. Sailors are responsible for purchasing their textbooks and related course materials.

In accordance with NAVADMIN 127/18, effective 1 JUN 2018, there is a fiscal year cap of $4500 per individual.

This fiscal year cap applies to both NCPACE DL and Tuition Assistance (TA) combined.

Payment for tuition will not exceed the following caps:

  • $250.00 per semester hour
  • $166.67 per quarter hour
  • $16.67 per clock hour (for approved certificate/diploma programs only)

For additional information, review the NCPACE section of the website.

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