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Incompletion of TA Course

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What happens if my military commitments or personal emergency prevent me from completing my TA funded course?


If you receive a (Withdrawal) grade, a waiver of the reimbursement policy may be requested via your Chain of Command.  The withdrawal must be for one of the following reasons: PCS, TAD, Emergency Leave, Operational Commitments, or Hospitalization. Submit a letter on command letterhead and signed by a member of the command triad.  Waivers for “W” grades are submitted to the TA Accounting Office via an Assistance Center Help Request: (choose category “TA/NCPACE Course Withdraw Waivers”)  

NOTE:  Only “W” grades are eligible for a waiver.  Therefore, if you are unable to complete the course for one of the above reasons, ensure you officially withdraw from the course following your academic institution’s procedures.

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